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Jimmy Fallon pens 'Thank You Notes' to Jay Leno on 'Tonight Show'

Jimmy Fallon made one last appearance as a guest on "The Tonight Show" Monday to pay his respects to Jay Leno, whose hosting gig ends this week.

"I had to come — this is your last week. This means a lot to me!" Fallon, who takes over hosting "Tonight Show" on the 17th, told his predecessor. It meant so much, in fact, that Fallon did his popular "Late Night" feature "Thank You Notes," all dedicated to Leno.

"Thank you, Jay Leno, for passing the torch to me," Fallon wrote on one note. "Hopefully, it doesn't get intercepted by a Seahawk."

"Thank you, Jay, for teaching me how to be a late-night host," he wrote in another. "But was it really necessary for me to wax on, wax off your entire car collection? I didn't know I was going to get Miyagi'd when I came out here!"

"Isn't that sweet? A little sentimental spirit along with the humor," noted TODAY's Tamron Hall on Tuesday.

While Fallon will be taking over "The Tonight Show," fans needn't worry about saying goodbye to his hit "Late Night" sketches. The comedian told Leno that some will continue to be featured on "Tonight," including "Thank You Notes," which have been so popular they've spawned two books.

The two also took some time to reminisce, namely about their first meeting, which happened to be on "The Tonight Show." 

"I'll never forget. It's a big deal, coming to 'The Tonight Show,'" Fallon said before Leno showed a clip of a somewhat awkward Fallon making his way to the stage. The comedian pointed out that he was "very, very nervous," and joked that he — in his "eight-piece suit" — looked like he had gone to the "Adam Sandler School of Acting."

Not that Leno looked that great in his first "Tonight Show." The long-time host shared an image of himself in a three-piece green suit.

"That is a stylish leprechaun!" Fallon cracked.

Tune in to "The Tonight Show" at 11:35 p.m. Thursday for Leno's final show.