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Jimmy Fallon, Paul McCartney swap accents on 'Late Night'

At 71, Paul McCartney is as charismatic as ever, and on Tuesday, he put all of his various talents on display during an extended visit on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon": "Swapping" accents with Fallon, explaining old photos that proved he was way ahead of his time, and rocking the studio with three tunes.

First off, Fallon and McCartney did a bit backstage where they bumped into one another, and somehow switched accents. Fallon took on McCartney's familiar Liverpudlian warble, and McCartney (somewhat less successfully) adopted an American drawl while chewing some gum. McCartney begged for his accent back, but Fallon was reveling in saying cool things in his new British voice, including "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "let me see what you're twerking with." 

Later, McCartney sat down for a chat with Fallon and they went over a few old photos; when Fallon held up a black-and-white picture of McCartney photographing himself from several decades ago, the singer deadpanned, "Most people don't actually know that I invented the selfie." 

Up next came a picture of fellow Beatle George Harrison being cozied up to by a couple of women while McCartney waved a fist in the background. He quipped, "That's actually me inventing the photobomb."

Later on in the show, McCartney — accent firmly in place — took to the stage and rocked through three tunes: "Save Me," "New" and the classic "Lady Madonna." His album, "New" is due out Oct. 15.