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Jimmy Fallon passes the 'Late Night' pickle to Seth Meyers

Make no mistake: When "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon handed over an enormous green pickle to his late-night talk show replacement Seth Meyers Tuesday night, it was a really big dill ... err, deal.

The oversized plastic pickle was first handed over like a ceremonial torch from the staff of "Late Night's" David Letterman to successor Conan O'Brien, who then gave it to Fallon when the "SNL" alum took over the show in 2009.

"I've been stuck with it for five years — I mean I'm so blessed to have this thing for five years," Fallon joked to the soon-to-be "Late Night" host Meyers. "And so now, I would like to present it to you ... this is the passing, the passing of the pickle."

"I don't know if I have room for it," said Meyers, but then hugged it to his chest.

"Hold back the emotion, hold back the emotion," encouraged Fallon. "Just last week, you were a little kid." Then he wiped away a fake tear.

The pickle pass hasn't always been done in person or on television. A video from before Fallon's debut featured the then future host in his office holding up the pickle with a note taped to it from O'Brien, which included some kind words and instructions: "Whenever you're done, which won't be for a long time, make sure you pass it on to the next sap. Knock 'em dead. Conan." 

Fallon added in the 2009 video, "It's just kind of putting everything into perspective, even though I'm holding a giant pickle ... what a great tradition this is, and what a great honor that I'm following in the footsteps of these great comedians."

Meyers debuts on "Late Night" on Feb. 24 with guest Amy Poehler. His last night as "Weekend Update" host on "SNL" is Saturday. Fallon takes over Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" seat Feb. 17.