Jimmy Fallon has the 'Fever,' channels Travolta in 'Tonight' promo 

Image: Jimmy Fallon

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By Kurt Schlosser

Jimmy Fallon is taking over "The Tonight Show" and moving it to New York starting Feb. 17, and a new promo for the show features the host with a very recognizable bounce to his Brooklyn step.

Fallon channels John Travolta in all of his "Saturday Night Fever" glory as he walks down the street carrying a paint can to the beat of the Bee Gees' "Staying Alive." The 1977 disco movie famously opened with Travolta's Tony Manero strutting through his neighborhood.

Fallon's red disco shirt, gold chain, black slacks and leather jacket match Travolta's wardrobe from the film. He even munches on a slice of pizza and checks out women passing on the sidewalk like Tony did.

But the disco dies when "Late Night" announcer Steve Higgins pops up and asks Fallon what he's doing.

"We're bringing 'The Tonight Show' back to New York, right?" Fallon says in his best Brooklyn-Travolta accent. But Higgins isn't having it and takes the slice and the paint can away, telling Fallon to get changed and "quit walking like that!"