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By Randee Dawn

Marking up scripts in your spacious office can take a toll on a man, and what's the best way to relieve the stress? For Jimmy Fallon, apparently it's finding a wide-open spot to kick back and ... yodel. Even better, on Tuesday night's "Late Night," Fallon got Brad Pitt to join in.

In the video, Fallon needs a break, so as the song says, he goes up on the roof (presumably of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where his show tapes). Facing the Empire State Building, surrounded by fluffy clouds and a blue-sky day, he yodels off into the distance -- and gets a very elegantly yodeled reply back from a voice eventually revealed to be the star of "World War Z," Mr. Brad Pitt. (Pitt's also up on a nearby roof; note the spire of the Chrysler Building behind him.)

So, the two men have a conversation:

Pitt: "Jimmy? What are you doing up there?

Fallon: "Yodeling ... you?"

Pitt: "Same."

Fallon gives props to Pitt for "Z" (and all of the chat between them is shown in subtitles), then the two decide to do a yodel duet -- or, as Pitt suggests, "a double yodel."

Fallon is floored: "A double yodel? But that's never been done before."

Never say never when Brad Pitt is involved.

"World War Z" is in theaters on June 21, and "Late Night" airs on NBC at 12:35 weeknights. But apparently, if you pick just the right time, you can find Jimmy Fallon doing a one-man yodel from the top of 30 Rock, too.