Jennifer Hudson is sweet on motherhood, 'Dangerous' on TODAY plaza

Jennifer Hudson

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By Randee Dawn

Jennifer Hudson may be a superstar singer and actress with an Oscar and a Grammy to her name, but she also holds another big title: mom to 5-year-old David, who's about to start kindergarten. And as she told TODAY during her visit Tuesday, that is not an easy pill to swallow.

"I feel like I just had him!" she said, pointing out that he's very mature for his age — and already very independent. "You better not touch his hair: 'Mommy, you're messing up my Mohawk!'" 

And she noted that key moment when she drops him off at school could be fraught. "(When) I try to kiss him, he's like, 'Mommy there are people! You can't kiss me!' ... 'But I'm your mommy. I should be able to kiss you,'" she said.

But Hudson's other job — as a musical powerhouse — was the real reason for her visit to the TODAY plaza, and during her stay she belted out "It's Your World," "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," as well as a new tune, "Dangerous," from her upcoming third album "JHud."

"I'm a person that vibes off the energy," she said of her live shows. "If it's great energy in the crowd, you're going to have great energy on the stage."

Judging by Hudson's performance, the enthusiastic fans gathered on the plaza were giving off plenty of good vibrations — some were even wearing T-shirts that read "#TeamJHud." 

Some are calling her new album a surprising departure from her usual ballad style, but Hudson says change is only natural. "That's all a part of artistry, is reinventing yourself," the former "American Idol" contestant explained. "I don't believe in being boxed in, or limits."

"JHud" is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and other outlets, and will be released on Sept. 23. 

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