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Pop Culture

It's just a cat! Supercut rounds up frightening film felines

Short of sending a pretty girl into the woods alone at night, having a cat jump from behind something may be one of Hollywood's most overused horror cliches.

A new supercut from the fast-forwarding fanatics at Slacktory pulls together a bunch of great screeching movie and TV kitties for a video that won't have any dog lovers regretting their preference.

"It's Just a Cat" uses clips from big-screen horror classics such as the "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween" franchises to TV shows including "Starsky & Hutch," "The X-Files" and "Community." The howling meow doesn't vary much from scene to scene, and one YouTube commenter wondered whether "cat tosser" was a union job in Hollywood.

Among our favorite cat castings is the sci-fi thriller "Alien." As if it didn't pack enough enough fears, a cat just had to be added to the mix. Of course Jones had to be found somewhere deep in the bowels of the spaceship Nostromo. Of course Harry Dean Stanton's character should go looking for him, alone. Knowing full well the cat would eventually jump out and scare the heck out of us didn't make it less terrifying when it happened.

The hitch is always that we chuckle at ourselves, along with the characters on screen, when we realize we just let a silly cat frighten us. "It's just a cat," Mulder tells Scully on "X-Files."

The characters breathe a sigh, let down their guard and often the next thing to jump is much nastier than a kitty.