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Hugh Jackman makes Harry Potter magic on 'SNL'

Clearly, there's no part Hugh Jackman can't or won't play, and this past weekend on "Saturday Night Live," he added a surprising role to his resume during a sketch called "The Best of Both Worlds with Hugh Jackman."

The surprise? He didn't play himself. Instead, Jackman showed up as Daniel Radcliffe, all done up in gray suit, "Harry Potter" glasses, floppy hair and a British accent.

Meanwhile, Andy Samberg played Jackman in the segment, made up in Wolverine hair and one hand full of claws, and noted that he was "the most masculine and most feminine man in the world" (referring to Jackman's turns "Real Steel" and one-man show on Broadway).

Show host Ben Stiller also appeared as Mandy Patinkin and "SNL" regular Bill Hader appeared as Clint Eastwood, for those keeping score.

Jackman (as Radcliffe) said he was having some trouble understanding the other Jackman's "thick but albeit pitch-perfect Australian accent," but the two managed to cross the language barrier before they joined forces in the stabbing of an assistant just to prove Radcliffe's tough guy potential.

At the end, Samberg's Jackman crowed, "Magic, music and murder? What's next?!"

Hopefully, another "SNL" return for the real-life Jackman, who has only hosted the show once ... in 2001.

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