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Got vodka? Helen Fielding reveals Bridget Jones' Valentine's playlist 

Bridget Jones' Valentine's Day playlist includes Chaka Khan and Amy Winehouse and is best consumed with lots of vodka.

If you’ve read “Mad About the Boy,” Helen Fielding’s latest installment of the Bridget Jones series, you know the unlucky-in-love Bridget — that symbol of single girls everywhere — has gone from diary entries to tweets. So it’s no surprise that her Valentine’s Day playlist has also gotten a 21st century makeover, from cassette tapes way back when to Spotify today.

“How fast things change,” Fielding said recently. “It was cassette compilations when I first wrote Bridget Jones. In ‘Mad About the Boy,’ 21st century Bridget is into Twitter and texting. Spotify is made for Bridget-type solitary drunken dancing evenings. The important thing is to remember not to text during them. A ‘Mad About the Boy’ Spotify playlist (is) for any Bridget Joneses out there who find themselves spending Valentine’s day alone — with a bottle of vodka."

Chock full of 20 sing-your-heart-out songs, the list includes favorites from the Bangles (“Eternal Flame”), Chaka Khan (“I’m Every Woman”), Amy Winehouse (“You Know I'm No Good”), Debbie Harry (“I Want That Man”) and more. 

So, whether you’re a singleton, wanton sex goddess or just a fan of female rock fare, February 14 may just be the day to crank up the music and quote Bridget from the first book: “Valentine's Day purely commercial, cynical enterprise, anyway. Matter of supreme indifference to me.” 

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