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'Girls' star Allison Williams warns 'things are definitely not fine' for Marnie

There's a new season of "Girls" on the way, but one thing will remain the same when the HBO drama returns — the decline for once-with-it gal Marnie will continue. Sans boyfriend Charlie and sans perfection, Marnie is a mess, according to star Allison Williams.

"She's depressed, she's been dumped, she's sleeping on her mom's couch — everything's terrible," Williams summed up during a Monday morning visit to TODAY.

And Marnie's trying her best to hide the mess. 

"She's at least trying to make it look like everything is fine, which is her M.O. in life," Williams said of her small-screen alter ego before warning, "Things are definitely not fine."

That's because the more Marnie tries to hang on to normalcy, the more it slips away.

"She's so intensely trying not to unravel, it makes her unravel more quickly — in the way you pull something in a sweater and the whole thing comes apart," Williams explained. "I think she'll need to fall apart completely before she can actually be a human being in a functioning way."

The actress believes her character's woes can serve as a cautionary tale.

"I think the lesson is sort of a warning against perfectionism, and it can actually work against you if you don't forgive yourself the little things that make you unique — if you want to call them flaws, you may," she said. "I think Marnie will definitely have to learn to love the parts of herself that aren't perfect (or) at least acknowledge them. That would be a good start."

It's up to show creator Lena Dunham to decide what happens next, and Williams has no worries about that.

"Wherever (Lena's) going, wherever she thinks the show should go, I trust that," she insisted.

But there's one thing Williams doesn't trust — Twitter.

"It's scares me!" she admitted. "It's so permanent. ... Think of all the smart people who end up putting their foot in their mouth." 

Still, Williams put her fears aside and took to Twitter to answer viewer questions Monday.









Fans will get a chance to see more of Williams when "Girls" returns for season three on Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO. But that's not the only place they can catch her.

The actress is on the cover of the Elle, which she got her very first glimpse of on TODAY.

"Oh my God! This is so exciting," she said, gazing at the magazine. "I kind of can't believe this."

The February issue of Elle is on newsstands now.