'Game of Thrones' fans: Finale was 'disappointing' 

Image: Tyrion, Sansa
The finale seemed to start with promise, as Tyrion and new wife Sansa appeared to enjoy each other's company a bit.Today

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By Anna Chan

"Game of Thrones" fans who were hoping for even more action on Sunday's season finale were let down -- big time. Yes, the Red Wedding last week was beyond epic and nearly impossible to top, but the lack of action this week seemed to take many by surprise. And not in a good way.

Fans didn't mince words when they shared their thoughts about the finale on HBO's message board, our Facebook page and our story, with many declaring the episode to be "disappointing."

The sentiment was prevalent on HBO's website:

"This was by far the biggest disappointing episode I have (seen) to date. Not a way to end a season!" wrote a fan who goes by Sarconus Soulreaver.

"That was so DISAPPOINTING," agreed Sarah T. "The finale could have been so freaking amazing just following the cleverness of the book ! I mean, of course you have to change things from book to film but hey, who cares about all of this Dany's thing? ...This show is beginning to look like the others, it forgets the beauty of the story to focus on pretty girls and easy feelings."

"Boooo! Terrible finale! should have watched something else!" wrote J. Zazulak.

"BORRRRRRRRING!!!!!!! This finale really sucked. I fear this great adventure has lost it's steam," reader David commented on our recap.

"It WAS anti-climactic, but it also set up the story lines for next season," reader Rebecca Wright wrote on our Facebook page.

Some even felt the whole season was a letdown:

"The season finale was representative of this whole season: disappointing and uneventful," wrote Daniel. "With an overwhelming amount of storylines each only getting about 5 minutes of airtime per episode I feel as though I'm watching nothing but teasers that NEVER reach their conclusion."

"A terrible ending to a terrible season. One good episode (#9) out of 10," wrote Max.

But not everyone thought it was an awful way to end the year, and some are already looking forward to what's ahead:

"That was an excellent season finale," wrote Edwin on HBO's website. "The acting and dialogs were outstanding. The only lingering question I have is how does Cersei, against her father's wishes, plan NOT to marry Loras Tyrell? ... I'll have to wait another 9 months to find out. It's interesting to note that all of the season finales so far have ended with Daenerys in triumph."

"Well tied a few things up and sent things forward to next season, I think it was done well," wrote Chris D. "I enjoyed it, it was anti climatic to be sure compared to last week, but how do you follow a 10 without a let down?"

"Now that the season is over I enjoyed it but not nearly as I enjoyed the first two seasons. It felt a lot slower and the storylines were far too separate," wrote Matty B. "That said some nice things are shaping up for the 4th season."