Famous first tweet roundup: How does Hillary Clinton's compare?

What was cooler---Hillary Clinton's first tweet from her personal account or her profile bio? The former First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State rocked the Twitterverse Monday, amassing in a few hours over 100,000 followers and declaring herself a "hair icon" and "pantsuit aficionado."

In her first message, Clinton thanked the creators of the popular "Texts from Hillary" blog and created a new hashtag, #tweetsfromhillary.



How does she stack up against other famous first tweets?

1. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, joined the microblogging site in April while appearing on "The Colbert Report." He's already picked up over 722,000 followers, even though he's only issued 35 tweets.



2. Following the lead of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis posted a tender tweet when he became the Catholic Church's supreme leader. He's only tweeted 62 times but he's racked up nearly 2.6 million followers.



3. Oprah kicked off her relationship with Twitter in 2009 and has tweeted 6,760 times to more than 19 million followers.



4. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates isn't as prolific but he's amassed nearly 11.7 million followers in three years.



5. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg doesn't use the competition much. He's only issued 19 tweets but has over 240,000 followers.



6. Warren Buffett is even less prolific but even more successful. With only two tweets, the business magnate has attracted over 470,000 followers.



7. Author J.K. Rowling may be too busy writing the next great novel to tweet. But it doesn't matter. She already has more than 2 million followers.



8. Actor Ashton Kutcher was one of the first celebrities to embrace Twitter. Though he's down on social medium now, he still has over 14 million followers.



9. The late Roger Ebert never met a platform he couldn't transform with his way with words. When he died, he had nearly 840,000 followers.



10. Lady Gaga was the first person to reach 20 million followers. She has nearly doubled that.



11. Actor Charlie Sheen joined Twitter when he hit rock bottom two years ago. He now has 9.6 million followers.



12. Oscar winner Tom Hanks makes everything look easy. He's tweeted less than 500 times but has 6.6 million followers.



13. Astronaut T.J. Creamer sent the first tweet from space. He has over 41,000 followers.



14. Broadcast television pioneer Barbara Walters has over 1.1 million followers.



15. Kobe Bryant was reluctant to join Twitter but his fans didn't hesitate to follow him. Over 2.7 million followers are hanging on his every word.



16. Martha Stewart can do no wrong. She has nearly 2.8 million followers.



17. Director James Cameron has amassed over 445,000 followers. Not bad for someone who hasn't even tweeted 50 times.



18. Actor Alec Baldwin is followed by more than 1 million.



19. Conan O' Brien is still only following one person but he has 8.4 million followers.



20. President Barack Obama: the leader of the free world has over 32 million followers.