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By Kurt Schlosser

It's hard enough to carry on a conversation in the digital age, but if you pepper your prose with way too many hashtags you just sound like a #insertinsulthere. Who talks like that?

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake carried on a hashtagged conversation in person for a "Late Night" skit that wonderfully demonstrates how annoying it can be when buzzwords and turns of phrase are constantly tacked onto thoughts on Twitter with # in front of them.

For added effect, the two use a hand signal for # to punctuate every word that they deem #-worthy.

"What's up," Fallon asks Timberlake to start the dialogue. "Not much, Jimmy. #chillin," Timberlake responds. And we're off.

Timberlake offers the host some cookies. "#homemade #oatmealraisin #showmethecookie!" He then adds, "#Ididitallforthecookie" in a nod to the Limp Bizkit lyric "I did it all for the nookie" and finishes with #LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL until he runs out of breath.

Annoyed yet? Fallon and Timberlake are hilarious together, as always, but the conversation wears on and the hashtags get longer and longer. As the two resort to essentially singing the last few, Questlove from The Roots mercifully knocks on the door.

"Hey guys? #shutthef---up."