Delta makes totally tubular 1980s-themed safety video

IMAGE: Delta 1980s-themed safety video
Delta 1980s-themed safety videoDelta via YouTube

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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

The 1980s were a simpler, more neon-splashed time, especially when it came to flying. Delta Airlines' new safety video does the time warp back to the decade of Valley Girls, mall hair and Madonna wannabes.

Anyone who remembers that effervescent era of leg warmers and acid-washed jeans will be as at home here as they would be watching a John Hughes film festival.

You'll spot the real Jerry Casale of Devo stowing his famed red "energy dome" headgear under the seat in front of him. Talking electronic bear Teddy Ruxpin gets his own seat, and cat-eating alien Alf needs an assist with his oxygen mask. A breakdancer bails on his exit-row duties by doing the worm back down the aisle, and happily, turning off all portable electronic devices does not include your handheld Coleco Electronic Quarterback game. A bright pink can of Tab, acid-washed denim jackets, leg warmers, mall hair, mullets and a Rubik's Cube all make appearances, too. We can only dream that we could bring our Atari 2600 on the plane to play a little Frogger while cruising at 33,000 feet.

The video wraps up with a familiar face in the co-pilot seat. That's NBA legend Kareen Abdul-Jabbar helping fly the plane — movie fans will know he played co-pilot Roger Murdock in the classic 1980 comedy film "Airplane!"

We pity the fool who don't enjoy getting their safety information delivered with a gnarly shot of nostalgia.

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