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Daft Punk'in! 'Ellen' puts kids in last-minute Halloween costumes

Don't Google "Miley costume." You're more creative than that. And, besides, Ellen DeGeneres is here to help with last-minute ideas for do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for kids.

The talk show host offered the ideas on "Ellen" on Monday. "I'm not saying they're clever, I'm not even saying they're good," DeGeneres said before introducing some costumes that were both clever and good.

One kid took the stage wearing a captain's boating hat and carrying two screwdrivers. "Tell everyone who you are," DeGeneres said. "Captain Phillips," said the boy, whose costume was a nod to the new Tom Hanks movie.

The next kid out was wearing a plastic pumpkin on his head with ski goggles and headphones. He was clearly Daft Punk'in — if you couldn't tell before he started dancing like the robot-helmet-wearing duo behind the hit "Get Lucky."

There will be plenty of zombies roaming the streets this Thursday, but DeGeneres had a simple idea for capturing the idea of "The Walking Dead." Six-year-old Alexis came out sporting a Grateful Dead T-shirt and a walking stick to pull off her ensemble.

DeGeneres even threw in a joke suitable for the kiddies: "What a zombie's favorite bean? A human being."

And finally, no Halloween would be complete without a 7-year-old dressed as Kim Kardashian. The wig, sunglasses and fur-trimmed coat could belong to anyone, but that 15-carrot ring young Hannah was carrying gave the costume its Kardashian flare. And it's a healthy substitute to all that candy!