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Cruise ship honks hello with opening of White Stripes hit

It might take a "Seven Nation Army" to repel the horde that comes ashore when a giant cruise ship sails into town. Perhaps that's what the MSC Magnifica was signaling when it playfully blasted the opening notes to The White Stripes song on its horn in Hamburg, Germany, on May 9.

The viral video (which in no way has anything to do with any ship-borne illnesses) lasts for only 37 seconds, but that's all the time that's needed to recognize the song's iconic beginning. And the crowd on shore clearly enjoys being between the rock and the harbor place.

The ship was taking part in Hamburg's annual port festival, a three-day celebration on the River Elbe with tall ships and luxury cruise vessels. The Magnifica, which is fittingly part of the Musica-class of cruise ships, was launched in March 2010 and can hold 2,500 passengers.

"Seven Nation Army" was on The White Stripes' 2003 album "Elephant" and won a Grammy for best rock song in 2004. The video for the song stands with 45 million views on YouTube.