Christina Aguilera shows off slimmed-down figure

IMAGE: Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera in 2011, at left, and this weekend, at right.Today

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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Christina Aguilera has put up with a lot of unasked-for commentary about her appearance in recent years. But at a Beverly Hills event for the TV critics' summer press tour this weekend, the "Genie in a Bottle" singer and "Voice" judge showed off a new slim figure in a pink minidress.

Christina Aguilera in 2011, at left, and this weekend, at right.Today

Aguilera's new look earned raves. Monday on TODAY, her "Voice" co-worker Carson Daly praised her new look.

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"I've known Christina since she was 15 or 16," Daly said. "(Seeing her this weekend) it's almost like a time machine. ... It was 1999 all over again."

The Grammy-winning singer hasn't said how much weight she's lost or what diet and exercise regime if any she is following, but the changes are apparent.

"Listen, she takes a lot of hits in the public about her weight and has, and has deflected a lot but something happened in the last six months with Christina," Daly said. "She'll be the first person to tell you, too. She really just found herself. In the time she took off the show and Shakira came in. she spent time with her son, they went to Asia, they went to Rwanda... She just wanted to get back to eating right and working out and all of that has just culminated in just a new Christina Aguilera. she really is incredible. On Sept. 23 -- shameless plug -- at 8 o'clock on 'The Voice' you'll see the return of her."

Aguilera's slim look was already evident when "The Voice" aired its finale June 18 and in May, she wowed viewers of the Billboard Music Awards with her transformation.

Things were different for the singer in 2011, when she was mocked for a concert in which she donned fishnet stockings and a black leotard. At the time. VH-1 called her costuming for that event "a new low" and published a post begging Aguilera's stylists to choose clothing more flattering to her body.

In the past, Aguilera has defended her shape, saying. "As long as I'm happy in my own skin, that's all I need. I'm happy with where I'm at."

Last fall, fellow "Voice" judge Adam Levine defended Aguilera, saying on "Ellen" that, "No one should bother or haggle her about her weight or anything that she does or says. So, that's it. That's how I feel about it."