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Pop Culture

Celine Dion: My new music is edgier

Celine Dion's fans should expect an edgier twist to her new album, "Loved Me Back to Life," but it's just a natural musical evolution, the singer told Natalie Morales Tuesday on TODAY.

"It's a very powerful song," she told Morales of the new album's title track. And her singing style had to adjust, Dion said, noting that she tried not to make the performance "too pretty," and worked to put "this little edge" into her voice while singing.

The Grammy Award-winning singer stressed that she's not reinventing herself at age 45. 

"It's not about that," she told Morales. "Because what I have accomplished through my career, this is something that I'm extremely proud of. But I can afford to kind of be sitting on a couch and relax a little bit, not try to overdo it."

For Dion, that relaxing time includes her family — husband Rene and their three sons, 12-year-old R.C. and 2-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy. She's putting her Florida mansion up for sale and focusing on family life in Nevada, where she's just extended her show at Caesars Palace.

"Parenting is our most important job," Dion said. "It's not the easiest one. But we take great ... pride (in doing) it. Because we know that we're making a difference.

"Whatever we do in show business we have a good time. But what we do at the house will make a difference for the rest of their lives."

Dion, who's been with Rene since she was 19 years old, says the couple recently bought karaoke stands for the children. Their famous mom has to alter her musical choices when singing with them, she said, demonstrating her rendition of a Wiggles tune.

"We have a very unique life," she told Morales. "But we're really trying to be — not trying, we are — normal people."