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'Celebrity Apprentice': All-Stars diss Donald Trump's wife

If you ask Donald Trump's wife, Melania -- this week's "Celebrity Apprentice" client and judge -- both All-Star teams are losers.

Both Power and Plan B made major blunders in their assigned task: designing an ad campaign for Mrs. Trump's new skin-care line, Melania Caviar Complexe.

But project manager Dennis Rodman was fired after Team Power misspelled their client's name at the top of their advertorial: "Simply Milania."  


Although the beleaguered basketball star called the typo a "minor mistake," Mr. Trump considered it "the ultimate error" and gave him the boot. Not without regret: Both the business tycoon and his daughter, Ivanka, had nothing but respect for the "comeback player of the year."

Still, the decision was a no-brainer: Was Trump really going to fire Trace Adkins? Only the country superstar returned to the boardroom with Rodman, because he designed the misspelled advertorial.

Adkins, clearly horrified by the mistake, blamed the graphic designer (whom he condescendingly referred to as a "little girl") for typing the erroneous text -- and especially Rodman for signing off on it.

But Melania was also extremely displeased by Plan B's project manager, Penn Jillette. After devoting 10 years to develop the product, she bristled when he mischaracterized her as the "spokesperson." Ouch.

Nor did Rodman and the Plan B's resident clown, Gary Busey, help their teams' cause with their bizarre behavior. In the initial meeting with his client, Rodman proposed a trip to her bathroom to confirm that she actually uses her own product.

Busey, the king of cringe, was virtually pushed out of the boardroom by his teammates after his endlessly enthusiastic tribute to Melania's beauty and "secret miracle" moisturizer.

Fortunately, his other comment was said outside of Mrs. Trump's hearing: "Have you ever had your genitalia so excited that it spins like a Ferris wheel on a carnival ride? That's how beautiful she is."

And with Plan B's fourth consecutive win, the Oscar nominee's bizarre reign will continue for at least another week.

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