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Can Chris Pratt's ripped abs save the day in 'Jurassic World'? 'Obviously!'

It's been over two decades since moviegoers first experienced dinosaur disaster flick "Jurassic Park," and now there's another installment of reptile rage on the way in "Jurassic World." How will a whole new cast of characters survive this time around? Star Chris Pratt has an idea.

Today's Jenna Bush Hager stopped by the set of the latest "Jurassic" sequel and asked the buff actor, who's not too shy about showing off his physique, whether or not his ripped abs could save the day.

"Obviously!" he deadpanned. "I'm like, 'Quick! Drop and do twenty crunches. That'll protect us.'"

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Sure, Pratt was just joking, but those abs are no joke — a point he proved in an Instagram post last summer.


To quote a dinosaur: "Rawr!"

"Jurassic World" will hit theaters June 2015.

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