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'Breaking Bad': How Walt destroyed his family

Image: Bryan Cranston as Walter White.

"Breaking Bad" opened Sunday night's episode, "Ozymandias," with what star Aaron Paul called "the lie that started all lies." 

In another flashback to Walt and Jesse's first cook — what was to become Hank and his partner's gravesite — Walt carefully practiced his excuse for returning home late that night. While his blissfully pregnant wife prepared an eBay package (with a block of kitchen knives in the foreground), the two briefly discussed baby names.

"I was thinking maybe we could have a little family time this weekend," Walt said after they agreed on "Holly."

But as soon as the shooting stopped in the desert, the clock ran out on family time forever.

"You want me to beg?"
Unlike his partner, Hank survived the shootout, but he was severely injured and defenseless. As Nazi Jack prepared to finish the job (a la Declan), Walt pleaded for his brother-in-law's life. "He's my family," wailed the man who once warned Hank to "tread lightly."

This time Hank was in command, as he prepared for the inevitable. "You're the smartest guy I ever met — you're too stupid to see he made up his mind 10 minutes ago," he told Walt — before Jack gunned him down.

"I watched Jane die."
Walt collapsed in shock, horror and grief but he turned full-on Heisenberg when he saw Jesse hiding below a car and asked the Vamonos gang — who were preparing to take off with his $80 million fortune — to make good on their original deal. Instead, Todd persuaded his uncle to spare Pinkman. They would later torture him and enslave him to help Todd cook, but nothing could compare to Walt's cruelty in that moment.

"I watched (Jane) overdose and choke to death," Walt spat. "I could have saved her, but I didn't."

"What the hell is wrong with you? We're a family!"
Walt was still determined to save his own family — but they didn't want his protection. Marie, believing that Walt was in custody, came to the car wash and urged Skyler to reveal the truth to Walt Jr. Shellshocked, they returned home to find Walt preparing their escape. His son finally saw the true face of his father, who admitted that Hank was dead. With that, Skyler refused to stand by her man any longer and threatened him with a kitchen knife. While the two fought, Junior called the police. Flabbergasted at their betrayal, Walt grabbed baby Holly and raced away.  

"I've still got things left to do."
Ultimately, Walt did commit one selfless act for his wife and children. Knowing the police would be listening in, he called Skyler and — with repeated warnings about recriminations — rewrote the history of her complicity. When she begged him to come home, he said, "I've still got things left to do." Fortunately, before Saul's cleaner picked him up (at Jesse's original meeting spot), Walt dropped off baby Holly at a fire station.

Walt has a new identity and about $10 million cash — so what's next on his to-do list? With only two episodes remaining, will Jesse Pinkman ever have an A1 day? We'll soon see.