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Blake Shelton reacts to Adam Levine's Sexiest Man Alive title on 'The Voice'

Adam Levine is sexy and Blake Shelton knows it on "The Voice."

Yeah, it's great that Adam Levine was named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, but fans of "The Voice" had just one question after the announcement during Tuesday's results show: How would it affect his bromance with Blake Shelton?

Would Blake be jealous that he didn't get the honor? Would Adam now set his sights higher and abandon his old friends for more glamorous companions? Could CeeLo Green perhaps step in and cause a rift between them? 

No worries. 

Carson Daly was kind enough to let Blake down gently soon after revealing the big news. "I'm sorry, Blake," Daly said. "It just didn't work for you, buddy."

"This is why I drink so much," Shelton complained. "He stole my thunder."

But Adam made it very clear that, accolades or no accolades, there's only one man for him. "You're the sexiest man in my book," he reassured the country star.

Blake was also feeling the love. "I want you to know, I think you're beautiful for what's on the inside," he cooed, prompting the rocker to dash over to his chair for a hug. Adam even planted a kiss on Blake's forehead — before all the coaches celebrated with a group hug.

"We should all be having Thanksgiving together," Carson said. "All of us, on live TV."

Forget the football games. Who wouldn't watch that?

But there might be one less seat at the table by the time Turkey Day rolls around. CeeLo nearly got knocked out of the competition early, as both his remaining singers, Caroline Pennell and Kat Robichaud, were in the bottom three. Caroline was saved by viewer tweets, sending Kat and Team Blake's Austin Jenckes home instead.

Judging by Blake's expression as the results were announced, however, he does not share America's lukewarm response to Austin. But that's OK. At least he knows that, sexiest man or not, he'll always have Adam's shoulder to cry on.