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Billy Joel to the rescue! Piano Man gives fallen woman helping hand

He plays a mean scale — and a good Samaritan. Billy Joel turned one woman’s unfortunate stumble into a star encounter Monday when the musician rushed to her aid in a crosswalk.

According to the New York Post, Joel was riding his motorcycle through the village of East Hampton, New York, when he spotted the woman sprawled face down in the street.

What a trip! Billy Joel helps a woman who took a tumble while crossing a street.

Joel hopped off his hog to offer assistance, gathering the woman’s shopping bags from the road, staying by her side and ultimately helping emergency responders move her to safety on a sidewalk bench.

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Though it isn’t clear what caused the unidentified woman to topple, she appears mobile and alert in photos snapped at the scene.

Joel is just the latest celebrity to do a good deed in the streets. In 2012, Ryan Gosling stopped a British tourist from getting plowed down by a New York City taxi. Later that year, Patrick Dempsey freed a teen driver from a wrecked car. And in 2010, Jennifer Garner surprised a pair of stranded motorists with a fresh can of gas.