Bill Murray shoots selfie with Lady Gaga on 'Letterman'

No bucket list is complete without "meet Lady Gaga" among the items, and no proof is more solid that the item has been checked off than a selfie of the dream meeting. Bill Murray achieved both during a visit to the "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday.

Murray arrived with a clip board and his list, which also included hosting the "Late Show," and he interrupted Letterman at his desk to see about the Gaga meet and greet.

Because the pop star is performing a week of shows in New York, she just happened to be backstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater. She strutted out in a leather jacket and not much else other than a giant wig and some sunglasses as Paul Shaffer and the band played her hit, "Born This Way."

Everyone gathered in close and Murray got his selfie.



"I can't believe you kids haven't met," Letterman said. "No, I would have remembered," Murray said.

Gaga then proceeded to invite Murray, Letterman and the entire "Late Show" audience across the street to the Roseland Ballroom for her show that night.

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