'Big Brother's' Aaryn: 'I haven't said anything racist'

Image: Aaryn Gries.
Aaryn Gries.Today

Her unabashedly racist comments have been heard on the "Big Brother" online live feeds, and just a few days ago, several of Aaryn Gries' most offensive lines made it to the prime-time show. But according to this season's most notorious houseguest, she hasn't said a single racist thing.

Sure, slams against Korean-American and African-American players left fans so outraged that they urged CBS to remove her and others who've made similar racist, homophobic and sexist statements from the competition. And the modeling agency Gries was signed to, Zephyr Talent, was so troubled by what they witnessed they dropped her. But, hey, what do they know?

Actually, it's really more of a case of what Gries doesn't know. Sequestered in the "Big Brother" house, she remains unaware of the fallout from her remarks. In fact, it seems she doesn't even remember the remarks she's made at all.

As seen on the live feed Tuesday, fellow houseguest Amanda Zuckerman met up with Gries in the Head of Household bedroom and warned her that some in the house were upset about things she's said. During the meeting, Zuckerman urged Gries, "friend-to-friend," to "be mindful" of what she says in the future and added that a general apology "would go a really far way" to making amends.

Just one problem: Gries can't see what she could possibly need to make amends for.

"That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard," she said after Zuckerman made the suggestion.

When she learned that one of the things in particular that bothered African-American player Candice Stewart was that when Stewart asked Gries what her middle name was, Gries shot back, "Shaniqua."

"That had nothing to do with anything," an obviously annoyed Gries said. "The reason I said that was that it was the first name I thought of. I'm sick of being grilled about my life."

She then firmly decided that she wouldn't apologize for anything.

"I haven't said anything racist," Gries insisted.

And besides, she feels that she's had a lot to deal with too, what with people commenting on her blonde hair.

"The call me Barbie and say all sorts of (expletive) about me being blonde all the time," she ranted to Zuckerman. "So what's the difference?"

A shorter, edited version of the exchange, which didn't include Gries' claim that she'd never said anything racist, aired on Thursday night's episode of "Big Brother."