Behold! Al Roker, Bob Marley, J.Lo and more celebs made out of Corn Flakes

Al roker in Corn Flakes
Al roker in Corn FlakesTODAY

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By Mish Whalen
Would you eat the King of rock 'n' roll? Today

Elvis never looked so good.

Bronx artist Sarah Rosado is behind a popular art series of musician portraits made out of Corn Flakes that's been going viral online.

“It’s a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time!” Rosado told about the response. “I never thought my art would get noticed, being self-taught.”

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Watch video: Al gets his portrait done in cornflakes

The inspiration for the series came one morning when Rosado was eating Corn Flakes — her favorite breakfast cereal — and listening to John Lennon. She thought it might be interesting to recreate his face out of the cereal and tackled the project. Soon after, she began making similar portraits of other musicians, from Bob Marley to Michael Jackson. 

Sarah Rosado makes her art from crushed and whole Corn Flakes. Here, she puts the finishing touches on Jennifer Lopez.Today

Rosado, who also works as a cartoon artist and graphic designer, said she's always felt compelled to make her own creations and do something no one has ever done before.

To create each image, she listens to the music of the artist she has in mind and “gets into the zone,” letting her imagination run wild. She uses whole Corn Flakes for most of the portraits, but also crushes some of the flakes to make lips, eyes and other smaller details.

Got milk? Jennifer Lopez is depicted in Corn Flakes.Today

She credits her aunt and uncle, who are both artists, for exposing her to art, and her mother for her constant support. Rosado hopes some of the musicians — particularly Jennifer Lopez, who shares Rosado’s Hispanic heritage — will notice her work.

“It would be amazing to know what the actual artist thinks about it,” she said.

Here's at least one celebrity who's bound to marvel at his own likeness: TODAY co-anchor Al Roker!

Wake up in the morning with Al Roker! Today

Something tells us Al is gonna love it.

Sarah Rosado creates fantastical portraits of music legends using her favorite breakfast cereal: Corn Flakes.