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'Bachelorette's' Kasey Kahl charged with felony assault, battery

"Bachelorette" suitor Kasey Kahl in a police booking photo taken Aug. 3 in Santa Ana, Calif. Kahl could face up to 8 years in prison.

Vienna Girardi seems to have made a good call on at least one breakup. Earlier this year, her ex-boyfriend and "Bachelorette" star Kasey Kahl was busted on a drunken and disorderly conduct charge for getting into an altercation outside a Fresno, Calif., hot spot.

Now, the reality star is being charged with two counts of felony assault, one for felony battery and one for public intoxication, according to court documents obtained by E! News. And according to the Fresno Country District Attorney's Office, Kahl was under the influence of liquor, drugs and a controlled substance identified as toluene (a chemical often used in paint thinners) at the time of his Jan. 15 altercation.

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If convicted on all four counts, the 28-year-old could spend up to eight years in state prison.

The couple involved in the scuffle, Renee Idsinga and boyfriend Richard Chaney, reportedly got into an argument with Kahl after he allegedly yelled insults their way. According to police at the time, Kahl struck Chaney several times in the face and head.

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Kahl's representative told E! News at the time that the former "Bachelorette" suitor did nothing wrong and said Idsinga and Chaney "wanted their 15 minutes, which they received, and now those 15 minutes are over."

Kahl was released from custody earlier today and awaits a court date. Not exactly living the dream.

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