Andy Dick on how he's ranked on 'Dancing With the Stars': 'It's not fair'

Andy Dick and his "Dancing With the Stars" partner Sharna Burgess.
Andy Dick and his "Dancing With the Stars" partner Sharna Burgess.Craig Sjodin / Today

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By Michael Maloney

Sharna Burgess, Andy Dick’s pro partner on "Dancing With the Stars," is on fire both on and off the dance floor. She had enough of seeing her celebrity student treated poorly by the judges on the show. While Burgess appreciates instances constructive criticism, she feels that the digs, jabs and comparisons to octogenarian Cloris Leachman need to go.

“I take it personally, because I adore this man and we have become very close,” Burgess told after Monday’s live broadcast. “To see Andy be the butt of the joke every week for absolutely no reason (is unacceptable). He works so hard, especially this week with shooting a sitcom pilot. To hear (a judge say) he’d rather forget the dance Andy did? That’s not constructive.”

Dick himself felt that Carrie Ann Inaba’s score of 5 for his rumba was unfair.

“I’m starting to feel Sharna’s anger,” he said. “It’s not fair. Carrie Ann shouldn’t be comparing us to the others because we’re never going to be as good as, say, Zendaya is -- well, Sharna already is, but I’m saying that we should be compared this week to how we did lastweek. We are doing better, and I am more confident.”

“We got a 5 from Carrie, Ann and it wasn’t even our worst dance,” Burgess sighed. “So how we got our worst score, I just don’t know.”

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Three-time mirror ball champion Derek Hough, who along with celeb partner Kellie Pickler are immune from Tuesday night's elimination based on their high scores, had words of support for Dick after the show.

“I told Andy that the judges’ scores and their comments disappear after the show is over,” Hough said. “The only thing that people who watch the show remember is the dance. I know it’s hard because he’s in the moment (of their criticisms), but the important thing is how he feels about his dance. I loved it.”

Unfortunately, Dick still might be going home Tuesday. He and Burgess received a total of only 17 for their rumba. And the couple failed to pick up extra points in the dance-off challenge.

“I do want to leave on a positive note, and we also very much appreciate what the judges say in terms of us being ‘entertaining’ and how we give it our all,” Dick hastened to add.

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“Absolutely,” Burgess concurred. “I want to be clear -- I’m not angry at the judges all of the time. They do say wonderful things about Andy…but there is one judge that likes to make fun of him.”

It seems like they've all taken turns at that. But would Inaba and her fellow judges -- Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli -- be more constructive and compassionate with their comments if they had to experience what it was like to perform on the show?

“Next week is ‘trio week’ and they all need to do a dance for us,” Burgess suggested. “That’s what I think.”

If that happens, then maybe the dancers and stars could get to hold the paddles and score the judges?

“Or I could just spank them on the butt with one,” Dick said.