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All she does is win: Emma Stone has an epic lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon

Turns out "Spider-Man 2" star Andrew Garfield isn't the only one who "can't keep up with" co-star Emma Stone's talent — Jimmy Fallon can't either.

When Stone visited "The Tonight Show" Monday to promote the Spidey sequel, she and the comedian duked it out in what is quickly becoming one of his classic contests — the lip-sync battle. Always the gracious host, Fallon pointed out, "Emma, you're new here, so I'll go first," before launching into an animated performance of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy."

The actress, not at all intimidated by the comedian's attitude-filled moves and miming, started off with a more subdued but flirty mouthing of Blues Traveler's 1994 tune "Hook." And then she let loose with John Popper's super speedy lyrics, stunning the "Tonight" host.

"I really got to pick it up, man! Gotta up my game," Fallon admitted. And did he. For his second performance, he pulled out his best robot moves for none other than the Styx hit "Mr. Roboto."

But it was no match for Stone's fierce, rapid-fire delivery of DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win." And, girl's got flow! She dropped Ludacris' beats as smoothly as a superstar rapper.

"Oh my goodness! Come on! ... That was the best one that's ever been done on the show!" cried Fallon. "Emma Stone, the winner! Clear clear clear winner!"

TODAY's Natalie Morales was blown away by the performance. "That's a fast lip sync for her to be able to keep up," the anchor marveled Tuesday morning.

"They definitely rehearse," pointed out Willie Geist. Turns out his young children are big fans of the DJ Khaled tune, which Geist turns down during the perhaps not-so-kid-friendly Luda bits.

Viewers were equally impressed with the actress.







This marks another defeat for Fallon in his popular lip-sync battles. He first lost to "Anchorman 2" star Paul Rudd in February.

"Spider-Man 2" opens Friday. "The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.

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