Al stays up for 'Late Night,' reveals his theme song to Seth

NBC / Today
Al Roker stops by "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on June 19, 2014

When Al Roker stays up for "Late Night," sleep is off the table.

“I’m not even going to sleep tonight before the TODAY Show,” Al Roker told Seth Meyers, joking that his that his “Late Night” appearance means the TODAY and “Wake-Up with Al” host won’t even be going to bed.

But it didn't seem like Al minded the late hours as "Late Night" tweeted out a photo capturing his excitement.


During their sit-down, Al revealed his daily morning routine which includes a 3:05 am wake-up, an early morning bike ride to work, and most notably, a special theme song.

“I play the 'A-Team' theme as I go from our studio 1A where I do makeup over to 30 Rock ... Mornings go better if you've got a theme,” Al said.

Al's choice in music isn’t the only blast from the past. Al also explained that he likes to ditch headphones, making his iPad an old-school “jambox."

Then Meyers took a turn, revealing his favorite theme song.

“My favorite theme is the 'Indiana Jones' theme," Meyers said. "I remember when I was a kid, I would think I would study better if I played it and then I would realize that I wasn’t studying, I was thinking about 'Indiana Jones.'”

The halls of 30 Rock may never be the same with Al and Seth Meyers duking it out for theme-song dominance.