Al Roker has sinister plan for 'Blacklist' star in Funny or Die sketch

The sinister grin. The maniacal laugh. It could only be...Al Roker? 

In a new sketch for the site Funny or Die, Al resorts to desperate measures to pry the secrets from the upcoming season finale of "The Blacklist" from star Ryan Eggold, who plays the character Tom Keen on the NBC hit. 

It all starts innocently with Al asking Eggold if he knows the secrets of the show. 

Al is determined to get the secrets of "The Blacklist" finale from Ryan Eggold by any means.

"I'm thinking, how do you keep track?'' Al says. "It's probably best if you unburden yourself of some of them. Not to anybody, but to like, a new celebrity friend?"

Eggold suggests maybe telling the secrets to Brad Pitt before Al distracts him with a fake sighting of CeeLo Green and drops a pill in his drink. As Eggold reminds him that he just can't tell him any secrets from the finale, Al suggests he take a sip of the coffee. 

"This coffee tastes like roofie," Ryan Eggold says after Al urges him to drink up.

Al follows with a maniacal laugh into the camera that prompted Savannah Guthrie to say on TODAY that, "I'm looking at you in a whole new way." 

In another clip from the "Funny or Die" sketch that was shown during TODAY's Take, Eggold wakes up from his drugging in a holding cell as Al watches over him. 

"Where does Al Roker even get drugs?" Eggold says. 

Cue Al's maniacal laughing after Eggold realizes he's been drugged.

"Matt Lauer, but that's not important,'' Al replies. 

Al eventually gets Eggold to give up all the secrets, much to his chagrin. 

"You're right,'' Al says after hearing them. "It would've been better if I had waited." 

The sketch was filmed at Chelsea Studios, where "The Blacklist" is filmed, and was directed by Eggold. 

"I didn't know you had these acting chops,'' Savannah told Al. 

"For two minutes,'' Al said. "You go any longer, it goes off a cliff." 

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