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Adam Levine reveals new 'Voice' motto: Anybody but Blake!

It's down to 10 contestants on "The Voice," and the on-air tension between the coaches is mounting. That's because a win isn't that far away for one of them, and according to Adam Levine, who stopped by TODAY Friday morning, it doesn't matter which one of them — as long as it's not three-time winner Blake Shelton.

"That's our motto this season," Levine said of the anybody-but-Blake sentiment. "Because, you know, it's just boring. (Blake's) charming and always, constantly wins and it's really getting boring. We don't like it."

"We" being Levine and fellow coaches CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera, of course. But fans of the show shouldn't be fooled by the hostility. In reality, it's all just part of the game.

"We never really got irritated with each other," the Maroon 5 frontman insisted. "It's more like — we get competitive. But it's all in a totally friendly way. There's not actual animosity. ... No I'm not fighting with Blake. We're homies; we're friends. It's all good. We're just messing with each other to that degree because we're so close."

But he'd still like to beat Shelton this season. That part is no joke.

Also no joke? The rumors that Levine might just land People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive honor. But if it's more than a rumor, Levine's not saying.

"It's an interesting idea," he mused. "I know nothing."

Well, an earlier visit to TODAY's Orange Room revealed something to his fans. Levine loves puppies.

But who doesn't?

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