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Adam Levine praises 'The Voice's' 'most flawless and graceful performance' ever

Tessanne Chin's emotional performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" floored Adam Levine on "The Voice."

This was the night for Tessanne Chin to deliver on "The Voice," as only three of the five semifinalists will survive Tuesday's results show. She should be one of them. 

The Jamaican artist closed the show with "Bridge Over Troubled Water." The song had personal meaning for her, for reasons that were alluded to but never spelled out, and she gave it her all in a performance that had her coach speechless, yet able to offer praise anyway. 

"That's crazy, what just happened," Adam Levine said. "Not only knowing the context of what's going on in your life, but also just the sheer talent is just … I've never been speechless on the show before, but I think that's probably the most flawless and graceful performance I've ever heard on the show."

It was that kind of night for everyone, as all five singers performed well, but it's hard not to see Tessanne moving forward after that one.

That finale outshone what Jacquie Lee had just done moments earlier. The teenager, who now carries Team Christina on her shoulders, did a nice job with Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" — and might have had the most memorable performance of the night had she sung last instead.

"You did things I didn't even know you were gonna do tonight," Christina Aguilera said. "Wow, you blew me away."

Also excelling was Will Champlin. He sang fun.'s "Carry On" and did everything but drop the microphone and raise his arms in triumph, so happy was he with the result.

"I don't think I've ever seen this happen before with you, man," Adam marveled. "Look at that smile! He smiled! Trust me, I know that if Will is smiling, he knows he did well, because he's so hard on himself. … I don't see that smile very often."

"It is really cool to see you feeling all swaggy up there," CeeLo Green added.

Who's in trouble? Cole Vosbury for one. Not so much for his vocals on "Shameless," but because Blake Shelton brought in CeeLo to help out. Obviously CeeLo has some free time on his hands, what with all his singers eliminated, and he was Cole's original coach before Blake stole him. But given the "Forget You" crooner's losing streak, was inviting CeeLo really a good idea?

And if anyone from Team Adam finally goes home, it'll be James Wolpert. He kicked the night off with "With or Without You." The answer for him as far as "The Voice" is concerned, sadly, is probably "without you."

"I don't even care about the competition at this point," Adam said. "I just know how incredible that performance was. A bunch of things are gonna happen, people are gonna win and lose, but that was even beyond what I thought you could do."

Was it good enough? Probably not. But we'll find out for sure on Tuesday.