At 60, Pierce Brosnan still sexy, strong: 'I feel comfortable in my own skin'

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By Randee Dawn

He may be on the verge of turning 60, but Pierce Brosnan is looking darned good -- and still taking on roles as a romantic lead. His latest film, "Love Is All You Need" may say it all: In it, Brosnan plays a widower who feels a new spark with the mother of his son's fiancee. He sat down with TODAY's Matt Lauer Monday.

Some aspects of this film mirror Brosnan's own life, including widower-hood, but the actor said "I had no problems with that. ... This man that I play, Philip, has lost a wife, I lost a wife to cancer. ... I lent myself to the project because I thought I could bring something to it, which had a humanity, a sincerity."

The film isn't of the gross-out romantic comedy genre, and instead deals with the love lives of the AARP set (it's also half in Danish, with English subtitles). But getting older doesn't seem to bother Brosnan. "I love what I do and I had a bit of luck and I’m still driven and I turn 60 here next month and I’m very much aware of my time and life and just have nothing but ... humble gratitude for being an actor; it’s a very capricious game," he said.

And as for his 60th birthday, it's just another milestone. "Some days it rattles and shakes in there psychically, but ultimately I feel nothing but a great gift of life," he said. "There's nothing to prove. I feel comfortable in my own skin."

"Love Is All You Need" opens in select cities on May 3.