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3 things we know about the new season of 'Arrested Development'

Fox via Everett Collection / Today
The full cast of "Arrested Development"

"Arrested Development" fans will have to wait another month to watch all of the latest Bluth family hijinks, but from the looks of the sneak peek clip posted Thursday by Entertainment Weekly, not much has changed with the crazy clan.

The series, which was cancelled in 2006, is being being resurrected on May 26, when Netflix will post a completely new 15-episode season. The clip, which provides the first look at the new episodes, was shown during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in January and at South by Southwest in March, but this marks the first time it has made its way to a wider viewing audience.

Although the short clip doesn't give away any spoilers, it did give fans an idea of what we can expect.

Buster and Lucille's relationship is still creepy

Lucille (played by Jessica Walter) has always had a "special" relationship with her youngest son, Buster (Tony Hale), but it appears that the co-dependent mother and son will take their closeness to a whole new level in the upcoming season. Buster is obviously still eager to please his mother, even if that means ingesting her exhaled cigarette smoke and puffing it outside for her so that she doesn't have to get up to go smoke. The close relationship between momma's boy Buster and over-bearing Lucille has always straddled the line between endearing and inappropriate, and it looks like this will remain the same.

The Bluth family still can't stay out of trouble

Apparently, patriarch George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) isn't the only Bluth to run afoul of the law. In the new clip, Lucille is unable to go outside because she is sporting an ankle monitor. While it hasn't yet been revealed what Lucille did to acquire that new accessory, it appears that she's on house arrest.

Ron Howard will still be on hand to explain what's going on

The show's executive producer, Ron Howard, will continue to lend his voice to the series. In addition to serving as the show's narrator, Howard, who only appeared on camera for the series' last episode in 2006, has said that he will be making an appearance on the show at some point during the new season.

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