Kate Gosselin: How we celebrate multiple birthdays

'Kate Gosselin's Love is in the Mix'
By Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to preparing meals for large gatherings. As the mother of eight kids, Gosselin’s become well versed in the art of family cooking, and shares her tips and traditions in “Kate Gosselin’s Love Is in the Mix.” Here’s an excerpt.



Birthdays are especially special at our house. We always celebrate in groups — well, excerpt for Mommy. I'm the only who isn't a MULTIPLE in the house.

The challenge is making each person feel unique and special on their day.

I always ask the birthday group to vote and choose their special birthday meal. The majority rules, but I try to prepare any other meals that were considered by the group on the days leading up to or after the birthday.

Kate Gosselin / Today

On the actual day, I wait until the kids are in school, and I decorate the table and the chairs of the birthday kids so that it's a surprise when they return home. For the girls I decorate in a girly theme, and for the boys I do a boy theme — and hope that it doesn't end up looking like a jumbled mess of color.

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I make our Gosselin family birthday cake with to-die for chocolate-peanut butter icing. To take it a step further, I always decorate the cake with colorful candles (M&Ms, jelly beans, candy corn, or gummy shapes) to make it extra special. I serve the cake on our huge traditional birthday cake platter.

Kate Gosselin / Today

We sing the birthday song to EACH person who is having a birthday. Then we blow out the candles and enjoy.

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Following dinner and cake and ice cream, we open presents, play for a while, and then to to bed — all sugared up!

More happy birthday memories to cherish. I'm always so grateful for another year with each of my babies.

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