Blogger making 300 sandwiches for ring gets book deal

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By Scott Stump

It started with a sandwich, turned into a popular blog, and now is becoming a book.

New York Post reporter Stephanie Smith has been detailing her journey to her boyfriend’s heart by way of his stomach in the blog “300 Sandwiches,’’ and now she's got a book deal. During the past year, she has written about her quest to make boyfriend Eric Schulte 300 sandwiches in exchange for an engagement ring. Schulte had mainly been in charge of the cooking in the relationship, and the first time Smith made him a sandwich, he loved it so much that he declared she was “300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”

Smith signed a deal with Random House imprint Zinc Ink, which specializes in health, fitness and nutrition, to produce a book based on her sandwich quest. It is expected to be released around Valentine’s Day in 2015.

“The book will explore the journey, adventures and laughs behind the 300 sandwiches,’’ Smith told “While the blog talks mostly about food and our adventures in the kitchen, the book will provide a more in-depth look at the issues and conversations between Eric and I as our relationship progressed. But of course, you’ll still get to see some tasty sammies.”

“When she told us about her romantic, passionate, and very funny quest to make her boyfriend 300 sandwiches, our first reaction was, ‘That’s a book,’’’ Zinc Ink co-president David Zinczenko told The New York Post.

Smith initially experienced some backlash online from the concept of a woman making sandwiches to win a husband. In an appearance with her boyfriend on TODAY on Sept. 26, Smith stressed that it was just a light-hearted joke between the two. Smith noted that since revealing herself as the previously anonymous blogger behind 300 Sandwiches in a Post article in September, there has been plenty of positive reaction as well.

“Reaction to the blog has been overwhelmingly positive,’’ she told “Since the initial reveal, people have shared with me their favorite sandwich recipes, and their stories of how their own relationships with lovers and children have been defined by food. I’m loving the interaction we’ve had with readers across the world about sandwiches. Who knew people were so passionate about them?”

As for her march toward 300, Smith said she is at sandwich No. 197.

“As for what Eric’s plans are, I have no idea when exactly he’ll pop the question,’’ she said.