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Martha Stewart

Latest from Martha Stewart

92d ago

Martha Stewart's Sour Cherry Pie

Get all of Martha's crust-worthy pie-making tips.
351d ago

Martha Stewart makes 3 fruit-filled fall desserts

Skillet cranberry cake, quince cobbler and apple-bourbon potpies are all on Martha's fall menu.
351d ago

Martha Stewart's Cranberry Skillet Cake

Martha Stewart's cranberry-studded cake is festive enough for the holiday table but comes together so easily.
351d ago

Martha Stewart's Quince Cobbler

Take the humble cobbler up a notch.
351d ago

Martha Stewart's Apple-Bourbon Potpies

Individual apple pies topped with golden, flaky crust are the perfect finale for a cozy fall dinner.

Martha Stewart's Iced Red Tea

This simple drink is refreshingly citrusy and so invigorating.
715d ago

Martha Stewart shares 3 of her very best, super decadent cake recipes

Her Mile High Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cake is truly out of this world.
715d ago

Martha Stewart's Mile High Salted-Caramel Chocolate Cake

Pools of salted caramel separate layers of chocolate cake, which are then swathed with dark chocolate frosting and sprinkled with flaky salt.
715d ago

Martha Stewart's Chocolate-and-Vanilla Zebra Cake

A wild streak runs through this dessert beneath a coating of rich chocolate frosting.
715d ago

Martha Stewart's Lemon Mousse Cake

A big pile of raspberries on top looks as if it’s keeping the whole creation from floating away.
877d ago

Martha's Famous French Toast

Lemon zest, brandy and browned butter bring Martha's brioche French toast to the next level.