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Martha Stewart

Latest from Martha Stewart

34d ago

Roasted Turkey in Parchment with Gravy

Here's an unexpected but totally genius way to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving. Martha Stewart's parchment bag technique yields moist meat and crisp, golden skin every time.
34d ago

Sausage and Pear Stuffing

Firm pears such as Bosc or Anjou stand up well to baking and make a delicious foil for Italian sausage in this sweet and savory stuffing.
82d ago

How Martha Stewart preserves her summer tomatoes

Martha Stewart shares her expert tips on how to properly can tomatoes using the water bath method, plus her go-to marinara sauce to preserve summer tomatoes.
145d ago

Spicy Lobster with Linguine and Mint

A classic tomato sauce with a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes and mint give this lobster pasta dish its fresh, fiery flavor.
264d ago

Martha Stewart's Fish Burger

Martha Stewart's fish burger recipe uses a light, flaky white fish such as hake or cod. The flavorful patties are served on brioche buns.
530d ago

Martha Stewart's Sour Cherry Pie

Get all of Martha's crust-worthy pie-making tips.
789d ago

Martha Stewart makes 3 fruit-filled fall desserts

Skillet cranberry cake, quince cobbler and apple-bourbon potpies are all on Martha's fall menu.
789d ago

Martha Stewart's Apple-Bourbon Potpies

Individual apple pies topped with golden, flaky crust are the perfect finale for a cozy fall dinner.
789d ago

Martha Stewart's Cranberry Skillet Cake

Martha Stewart's cranberry-studded cake is festive enough for the holiday table but comes together so easily.
789d ago

Martha Stewart's Quince Cobbler

Take the humble cobbler up a notch.