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Julie Compton

Julie Compton is a freelance journalist in Brooklyn, New York. Follow her @julieallmighty

Julie Compton is a freelance journalist in Brooklyn, New York. Follow her @julieallmighty

Latest from Julie Compton

Welcome to the Sports Bra: First-of-a-kind bar features only women's sports

At first glance, Sports Bra may seem like a typical neighborhood sports bar, but guests will soon notice that its posters and televisions exclusively feature

How the pandemic has changed working out at the gym for the better

Working out at the gym looks different post-pandemic, with positive changes like virtual classes, outdoor workouts, social distancing and a focus on mental health.
69d ago

Lia Thomas and the long tradition of 'gender policing' female athletes

Transgender Penn swimmer Lia Thomas is competing in the NCAA women's swimming championships this week.

New to running? An 8-step plan to get you started

Here are 8 tips from physical therapists on how to start running the right way to avoid injury.

The 80/20 method is the best way for recreational runners to train

You don’t need to be fast to run like the pros. These tips will help you be a better runner.
152d ago

She's escaped death while chasing storms, but 'lost most everybody' after coming out

Chimera Comstock has survived numerous deadly tornadoes and hurricanes. Now she is dealing with the aftermath of coming out as transgender.
210d ago

As intersex people challenge 'gender-normalizing surgery,' doctors are listening

More surgeons are giving parents of intersex children options rather than recommending surgery as a default solution.
243d ago

Advocate for the homeless fights vaccine misinformation on the streets

On an overcast day in late August, a line of homeless people gathered eagerly outside Sara D. Roosevelt Park in New York City’s Lower East Side.

They saved Chicago’s last lesbian bar and infused it with Black queer culture

<p>When Renauda Riddle and Angela Barnes agreed last year to purchase Joie De Vine, a lesbian-owned wine bar in Chicago, they had a single goal: to keep the

How this man used 'reward-bundling' to drop 35 pounds during the pandemic

Instead of fixating on losing weight, Aaron San Filippo focused on developing healthier habits as his number-one goal.