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Joey Skladany

Joey is a writer/editor, TV/radio personality, lifestyle expert, former entertainment publicist and author of "Basic Bitchen."

Joey is a writer/editor, TV/radio personality, lifestyle expert, former entertainment publicist and author of "Basic Bitchen."

Latest from Joey Skladany

13h ago

6 best trail mixes for all your cravings

These are the six best trail mixes you can find at the grocery store, whether you like sweet or savory, or you eat it to fuel for working out.
4d ago

Pumpkin Bars

Bake a batch of pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting for the perfect fall dessert. This easy recipe comes together in under one hour.
15d ago

I tried 7 canned chicken noodle soups and the winner was comfort in a can

I tried seven canned chicken noodle soups — Campbell's, Progresso, Healthy Choice, Annie's and more — to find the most comforting one. The best was a classic.
22d ago

I tried 8 white breads and the winner is the only one I’ll ever knead

I tried eight different white bread brands — Sara Lee, Wonder, Pepperidge Farm, Arnold and more — and the best one is the only one I'll ever by from now on.
29d ago

I tried 8 dark chocolate bars and the winner had me cuckoo for cocoa

I tried eight different dark chocolate bars — Hershey's, Ghirardelli, Tony’s Chocolonely, Cadbury, Lindt, Hu's Kitchen, Godiva and more — to find the best one.
35d ago

I tried 8 strawberry ice creams and the winner was berry creamy and dreamy

I tried 8 strawberry ice cream brands — Edy's/Dreyer's, Blue Bunny, Great Value, 365 by Whole Foods, Breyers, Blue Bell, Tillamook and Häagen-Dazs — to find the best.
42d ago

I tried 9 coconut waters and went coconuts for the winner

I tried 9 different types of coconut water — Goya, Vita Coco, Zico, Trader Joe's, 365 by Whole Foods, Harmless Harvest and more. This one was my favorite.
50d ago

I tried 17 bottled waters and they are definitely not all created equal

I tried 17 different bottled water brands and found that the best ones were, unfortunately, more expensive, but worth it. Dasani, was, of course, the worst.
57d ago

I tried 8 boxed mac and cheeses and the blue box was not my favorite (gasp!)

I tried 8 different types of boxed mac and cheeses — Kraft, Annie's, Velveeta, Cracker Barrel, Whole Foods and more — and my favorite was a nostalgic classic.
70d ago

I tried 7 store-bought croutons and the best of the bunch tasted almost homemade

Up your salad game with these store-bought croutons. We tried seven varieties, including Cardini's, Mrs. Cubbison's, Fresh Gourmet and more to find the best.
78d ago

I tried 9 salt and vinegar chips and the winner provided the most tang for my buck

After testing nine different salt and vinegar chips, including Cape Cod, Lay's, Wise, Kettle Brand, Utz and more, we've decided on the best brand of all time.