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Dylan Dreyer

Latest from Dylan Dreyer

5d ago

Dylan's Zucchini Fritters

These zucchini fritters are nothing fancy but they're the perfect finger-food snack.
5d ago

Make zucchini bread and veggie-packed pasta with Dylan and Cal

Want your kids to eat more veggies? Make them delicious!
26d ago

Dylan's Mother-in-Law's Meatballs

Dylan Dreyer and her son, Calvin, cook up their generations-old family recipe for the best meatballs ever.
40d ago

Dylan's Grandmother's Potato Salad

Dylan Dreyer's potato salad recipe comes from her grandmother — and it's pure nostalgia.
47d ago

Dylan's Mango Salad

Dylan's mango salad adds a nice freshness to chicken or seafood, served with a side of rice.
89d ago

Dylan's Waffles and Ice Cream with Strawberries

The warm crispy waffle softens right up with the melted ice cream, getting more delicious as you eat it!
142d ago

Why Dylan Dreyer is relishing "simpler" times this Mother's Day

The mom of two has learned to love the "little moments" during the pandemic.

Get kids to eat their veggies by hiding them in hummus

Food Blogger Michele Olivier shares how she gets kids to eat more veggies.

Dylan Dreyer shows us her 3 favorite ways to make oatmeal

Dylan Dreyer likes to start her days with apple-cinnamon oatmeal, blueberry-vanilla oatmeal and tasty banana and oat bites with chocolate chips.
878d ago

Dylan Dreyer shares her IVF diary: Overwhelmed and trying to breathe

"In this moment, I’m mostly scared of the unknown."
888d ago

Dylan Dreyer: Why I'm talking about my miscarriage, infertility and IVF

"I have been dealing with so many intense emotions and it’s time to just put them all out there."