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Brianna Steinhilber

Brianna Steinhilber is an editor and writer on TODAY Health, Food, TMRW and NBC News BETTER.

Brianna Steinhilber is an editor and writer on TODAY Health, Food, TMRW and NBC News BETTER.

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2d ago

I tried Crossrope: A full-body jump rope workout you can do anywhere

This weighted jump rope system left me dripping with sweat within minutes.

I love my at-home fitness routine. How do I stay in shape when I return to work?

If working from home helped you exercise more, here are ways to keep fitness a part of your routine as we return to the office.
30d ago

Amazon Halo is like a personal trainer, therapist and sleep coach on your wrist

The latest update to Halo helps you improve everyday movements, like bending, lifting, twisting and walking.

Tone your abs with this 8-minute core workout

FightCamp trainer Flo Master shares boxing-inspired bodyweight exercises that will chisel your abs from every angle.
36d ago

I tried Brrrn Board — the home gym that fits under your couch

If you're completely bored with at-home workouts, this unique piece of fitness equipment may be right for you.

An easy 10-minute yoga flow for beginners

Obé Fitness instructor Beth Cooke leads TODAY in a 10-minute yoga flow that will stretch and relax your body.

This yoga flow will tone your whole body in 10 minutes

No time to exercise? This gentle yoga routine will sculpt long, lean muscles — no weights required.

TikTokers are trying this 'ab dance' to get a toned core — but does it work?

Users are posting videos of themselves doing the exercise and claiming they are seeing weight loss and toning results.
86d ago

Miss your yoga studio? Try this at-home subscription program

I decided to make yoga a consistent part of my exercise routine — so I downloaded Inner Dimension.

Get a taste of Barry's Bootcamp with this 20-minute full-body workout

Grab a set of dumbbells — or a few water bottles — and get ready to feel the burn.

Only have 10 minutes? Try one of these quick, but effective workouts

Tone your abs, butt and upper body with these routines from the trainers at Obé Fitness.