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Billy Dec

Latest from Billy Dec

858d ago

Chicken Inasal

The best part of this easy chicken dish is the aroma — especially the scent of lemongrass.
858d ago

Crazy Rice

This Indonesian-style fried rice uses fish sauce which delivers a great deal of umami to the dish.
1086d ago

3 haunting Halloween cocktails for a spooky night in

Billy Dec stirs up spooky witches' brew, vampire elixir and eye candy cocktails for Halloween.
1430d ago

Witches' Brew Cocktail

A spooky green drink and sparkling black sugar rim make this cocktail the perfect Halloween sipper.
1430d ago

Eye Candy Cocktail

Top a fruity martini with lychee eyeballs for a fun and festive Halloween drink.
1430d ago

Vampire's Elixir

Syringes filled with cherry syrup make this drink fun, interactive and extra spooky.
1593d ago

Make-ahead Monday: One-pot chicken adobo, fried rice and corn fritters

Billy Dec cooks up braised chicken adobo and uses the leftovers to make crispy corn fritters and egg-topped fried rice.
1593d ago

Chicken Adobo

Make dinner easy with one-pot chicken in a sweet and savory adobo sauce.
1593d ago

Chicken Adobo Corn Fritters

Change up dinner with crispy corn and chicken fritters served alongside savory soy dipping sauce.
1593d ago

Chicken Adobo Fried Rice

Use up leftover rice, chicken and veggies with quick and easy egg-topped fried rice.