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Alejandra Ramos

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47d ago

4 icy treats to enjoy during the dog days of summer

Beat the heat with these icy treats from Alejandra Ramos.
47d ago

Mojito Iced Coffee

Add a vacation-like twist to your morning cold brew with this mojito-inspired coffee drink.
47d ago

Coconut-Key Lime Pie Pops

Coconut milk adds an additional layer of tropical flavor to these Key lime pie-inspired ice pops for the ultimate summer dessert on a stick.
47d ago

Raspberry Sangria Slushies

Frozen berries and ice turn a summer sangria into the ultimate grown-up slushy treat.
47d ago

Strawberry-Peach Cold Brew Iced Tea

Combine fresh fruit and black tea bags to make your own custom fruit-infused iced tea.

Extend the life of your summer produce with pickles, jams and more

Enjoy all the fresh flavors of summer for months to come with easy pickling, preserving and freezing recipes and techniques.
51d ago

Brandied Apricots

Preserving apricots in a combination of brandy and sugar is an easy way to capture their summery sweetness.
51d ago

Basic No-Pectin Berry Jam

Make simple no-pectin jam with any combination of fresh summer berries.
51d ago

No-Cook Refrigerator Cucumber Pickles

These quick and easy cucumber pickles take just a few minutes and no cooking.
86d ago

'This is not pegao': Gordon Ramsay gets scorched for his 'Puerto Rican crispy rice dish'

It’s precisely the lifelong memories, and the love so many of us have for pegao, that struck a chord and led to the passionate backlash.
114d ago

Spicy Tabasco Brownies

These Tabasco-infused brownies have a deep, rich and chocolaty flavor with just the perfect level of spice.