Your decked-out Christmas trees!

We asked for photos of your Christmas trees and we received tall, short, bushy and bare styles! Check out readers' festive holiday decorations:

Submitted by Lyle McCullough  / Today
Our cozy Christmas tree
Submitted by Marcia Liptow  / Today
Candy and Snowflakes for my grandsons, Desul and Rocket.
Submitted by Eddy Matten  / Today
Blue Christmas
Submitted by Carlotta Schmittgen  / Today
We're in a two AFC football team family -- Browns & Steelers
Submitted by Amanda Leonard / Today
My boyfriend picked this tree out by himself, and I love it!
Submitted by Lisa Kufs  / Today
Occupy Christmas! The Statue of Liberty graces the top of this tree, which is also home to over 30 protesters, 7 tents, 4 foreclosed homes, 9 yards of highway, over 50 protest signs, and one porta-potty.
Submitted by Paola Santander  / Today
Ornaments are photos of 2011 family memories.
Submitted by Bridget Hughes / UGC / Today
These days my tree is a pre-decorated Disney tree with the little Starbucks cup ornaments.
Submitted by Paola Santander  / Today
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 2010
Submitted by John Vang  / Today
Full and dense, proportioned to width and height. This tree is 8-ft tall and 5.5 ft wide at the base.
Submitted by Gina Doddington  / Today
The Doddington Christmas tree in its glory!
Submitted by Lynda Branton  / Today
My perfect Christmas tree.

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