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Yes, Megyn Kelly will be wearing a crazy drumstick hat on Thanksgiving

The TODAY anchor shares some of her sweet, and silly, holiday traditions.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s the conundrum faced by most parents: How do you get your kids to open up and actually share how they’re feeling instead of giving you one-word answers?

TODAY’s Megyn Kelly has a handy holiday tradition that gets her family talking. She and her husband, Doug Brunt, call it the “rose, bud, and thorn.” Here’s how it works.

“Thanksgiving falls a week or so after my birthday. On our birthdays we have a tradition in our family. We go around the table and each person offers their rose, their bud and their thorn,” she said. “The rose and thorn look backward at the year before. The bud is forward-looking. The thing you enjoyed most, the thing you enjoyed least, and the thing you’re most looking forward to in the year to come.”

And yes, her three kids cooperate.

Kelly also adds a dose of fun to Thanksgiving dinner.

“We always play poker. I grew up playing poker. We play Pokeno. It’s the child of poker and bingo,” she said. “We play with the kids and the adults. We play some charades. We’re big on games. I can do them all. I’m the best one. My brother-in-law gives me a run for my money.”

The Kelly/Brunt family usually spends Thanksgiving at their beach house, which gets a mini makeover for the holidays.

“I brought a bunch of orange and brown and yellow decorations. A pillow and some blankets, that type of thing. I want to transform the beach house into something more fall-y. With a few accents,” said Kelly.

Her family walks along the water. They build a fire at home. And there’s also a wardrobe requirement.

“We’ll be wearing some sort of a hat. My sister-in-law Diane insists on everyone wearing a theme hat,” said Kelly. “Like the drumstick hat on the show — I ordered a couple of those.”

Her two sons and daughter also get in on the action: “The kids set the table. They write out little place cards. I’m a big fan of place cards because they take away the stress,” she said.