The 'Words with Friends' king of Studio 1A? It's Al!

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Playing games on your phone at work can get you into trouble -- but  it's also good for establishing dominance over your coworkers.

This morning, Al got caught playing Words with Friends while on the clock. But it was networking, sort of: He was playing with Savannah and David Gregory (who's sitting in for Matt this week). And apparently he was not only on the clock; he was cleaning some clocks.

"We're playing a little Scrabble," Savannah admitted, before revealing that Al was beating her 319 to 299.

"This is work time," chastised David (although that could just be sore loser talk).

So who won? At last count, things didn't bode well for Savannah, who lamented that she "had a Q." Hopefully she's also got an "I" and a triple letter score.

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor and Scrabble monster.

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