Who is Nasal Strip? Savannah admits adorable mix-up over horse name

We understand Mondays can be rough when you're a news anchor (there are a lot of stories to keep track of) but an adorable admittance this morning might have taken the cake.

TODAY's Willie Geist and Savannah Guthrie were discussing the Triple Crown bid when Willie let it slip that Savannah thought "nasal strip" was the name of a competing horse, rather than something racehorse California Chrome was attempting to use to aid its run.

We understand your flub, Savannah. Just a few weeks ago, you discovered your derby name was Old Julep, which you weren't too happy about. We're going to guess that this had an impact on your horse name mix-up.

But don't fret, Savannah — you're taking it with good stride on Twitter (as are your followers). Also, it's not that big of a mistake given how crazy horse names are. Here are just a few who ran in the Kentucky Derby: Danza, Vicar's in Trouble, Intense Holiday and Candy Boy. 







What about you? What did you think Nasal Strip was? Tweet at Savannah to let her know she's not alone.

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