What is TODAY? 'Jeopardy!' tests anchors' show knows

This morning news program was recently featured on “Jeopardy!”

The correct question: What is TODAY?

The iconic game show featured a category called “It’s Not Matt Lauer” during its first round Thursday night, testing the contestants’ knowledge of TODAY history.

While they fared well on the show, it was a different story for the TODAY anchors Friday morning.

Al put Matt, Savannah and Natalie to the test, sharing three of the clues previously presented to the “Jeopardy!” competitors.

“Please wait until we finish the question,” Al quipped as Matt interrupted with his (correct) guesses.

  1. Janey Pauley’s longtime TODAY co-host, he’s since become a fixture on ‘HBO’ with his ‘Real Sports’
  2. This movie reviewer left the show in 2010
  3. During his tenure as co-host, he also hosted the game show “Concentration”

We’ve listed the correct responses below. How did you do?

Al tests Matt, Savannah and Natalie's TODAY history knowledge.

(1. Who is Bryant Gumbel? 2. Who is Gene Shalit? 3. Who is Hugh Downs?)