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By Zoë Marcus

The golf course may seem like an unlikely place for Matt and Al's latest adventure, but the game rose to a whole new level when the two TODAY anchors took a ride in a hovercraft golf cart -- one that can glide over the green and sail across the water.

The unusual ride had Matt and Al "scared to death" and screaming at the top of their lungs, but the duo also admitted it was a lot of fun. Back in the TODAY studio on Friday, Savannah told Matt, "I haven't seen you look that excited since you were wearing spandex with Al."

Al's take? "Looking back on it, we were nuts!"

Scared silly: Matt and Al take a wild ride in a hovercraft golf cart.TODAY / Today
Matt and Al were screaming, but said they still had a fun time in the hovercraft.TODAY / Today
The hovercraft golf cart allows Matt and Al to cruise right over ponds.TODAY / Today

Matt and Al aren't the only ones hovering. Earlier this week, professional golfer and Masters Champion Bubba Watson was spotted zipping around a golf course in a hovercraft. In addition to allowing golfers to glide around the course, the hybrid machine also barely leaves a mark on it, because the hovercraft’s footprint pressure is 33 times less than a human foot.

TODAY teamed up with the viral marketing company Thinkmodo for the hovercraft ride. The folks at Thinkmodo were also behind the surfboard that Matt road into work, and the terrifying mirror prank in Studio 1A. The company also faced criticism for a video depicting a fake murder.

As for the hovercraft, don't get too excited just yet. As of now, Matt and Al's ride is just a one-of-a-kind prototype and is not available for purchase anywhere.